The best way to honor Dr. King’s legacy is to embrace his radicalism, his emphasis on solidarity, and his tactics of civil disobedience and mass action

November 2022

The recent treatment of exchange teachers is an extension of the abusive power principals unleash throughout the school system

October 2022

The union's new push to privatize Medicare for public sector retirees hurts everyone but insurance companies

September 2022

The next UFT-DOE contract should grant long overdue raises well above inflation

July 2022

Governor Hochul is stalling on signing a bill that would lower class size but upset NYC Mayor Adams

June 2022

NYC Schools are under attack from the Mayor and City Hall. At least $215 million, but probably closer to $1.7 billion, has been slashed from next year’s…
Open bargaining is the path to securing the working conditions we deserve, and the schools our students need